Japan Scene 7: Flip a coin for elderly men

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Japan has a lot of elderly people. About a quarter of the population is 65 and over and with a declining birthrate there is a full-blown crisis happening. Living on a rural island amplifies this. I interact with the elderly almost as much as children – the trouble is 9.9 times out of 10 the elderly women are darlings while I mentally flip a coin each time I interact with an elderly man because half of them are pretty much crazy. Here is an example of an interaction.
Me: *walking pass an older Japanese man – probably around 70 years old*. Good Morning!
EJM: Hey you, where are you from? Why are you here? (all in impolite Japanese)
Me: My name is KB, I am the JHS and ES English teacher. Nice to meet you.
EJM: ENGLISH?!?!? This is Japan! We don’t need English. Go home, it’s okay, we don’t need you.
Me: Excuse me? Bye-bye!