Japan Scene 4: Attacked by Rice Worshipers

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It was supposed to be a normal lunch session at my junior high school. I’m not someone who eats a lot of food at once; I eat small portions often. Needless to say the speed eating coupled with large portions of food served for lunch is an almost daily struggle. Thankfully it is very tasty (most days), and the kids and teachers understand my hatred of natto and devour it for me when its served one or twice per month. Though I have slayed the natto demon its the rice god and its worshipers that strike fear into my heart daily.

Nurse: *looks at my rice bowl with a few rice grains left after eating*; Oh ma gersh you didn’t eat all your rice!
Me: sure I did, see *holds up “empty” bowl*. There is nothing left!
Nurse: there is enough there to feed a small army!