Japan Scene 1: New Teacher x Ferry Rendezvous

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Rural communities the world over have a distinct charm; the people are usually friendlier, more close-knit and very curious. These attributes certainly apply to the rural island community I reside in now in Japan. My short time here has already been punctuated by astute exchanges that offer community integration opportunities as well as lessons about language, culture, life and many other topics. This new “Japan Scenes” series is my attempt to document a fraction of these exchanges that I hope will be as interesting to my blog readers as they were to me.

I spend a lot of time of ferries lately…

My immediate community is an island of its own but the extended community includes 2 other islands close by. I had already visited one of the other 2 islands but the third and smallest one had eluded me until this faithful day. The plan was to pick up some items from a colleague in the evening after work so I made my way to the port and waited on the next ferry to arrive. I look very different from everyone so unsurprisingly someone recognized me.