Jamaica's Snap Election

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Yesterday, Jamaica entered a crucial election period that has nothing to do with either of our major political parties.Instead, the battle has begun between the PNM and UNC/COP over who will rule Trinidad and Tobago, courtesy of a snap election called by Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday.Last night, this fact was ignored in our television newscasts. This morning, only a single newspaper bothered to mention it in a report lifted verbatim from the news-wires.Why should Jamaicans care?Well, we need to remember that the person being elected is also the de facto CEO of some of our most important companies.And, more importantly, that it appears that the person at the top is likely to change (according to the polls.)Before getting into who that person might be, let's look at the stake that the Trinidadian government has in Jamaica's economy.First of all, the Trinidadian government owns Lascelles de Mercado, the second or third largest Jamaican company (depending on how it's measured.) This gives it control over subsidiaries such as J Wray & Nephew, AJAS, Lascelles Division, Federated Pharmaceuticals and Globe Insurance.