Jamaicans In A Fast-Paced Online World

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Those old enough will remember the sound of a dial-up Internet modem, the anticipation felt as it played like the introduction to your favourite song, albeit where the selector made you wait too long for the drop.
After the static-like sound finally came to an end, you would now be free to enter a website. After pressing the Return key, there would be another waiting period before – finally – a web page popped up.
Younger Jamaicans have grown up with much-improved connectivity speeds with smart phones, mobile data packages, broadband and Wi-Fi will take connection issues for granted. Similarly, those who can afford higher-end devices and connections may assume that theirs is an everyday reality.
So how are Jamaicans using the Internet and what doors can it open for locals According to the Hootsuite/We Are Social Report 2019, some 54 per cent of the Jamaicans use the Internet. Fifty percent use mobile Internet, connecting devices on the go, spurred by the social media explosion which made capturing, sharing, viewing and streaming content much easier.