Jamaican E-Sports Culture Growing, Federation Formed and Accepted By World Body

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Chairman of the Jamaica Esports Initiative (JEI), Gregory Moore, has hailed the association’s acceptance into the International Esports Federation (IEF).
Moore said the move by the world body came as a direct result of the JEI’s strong participation in the sport for a number of years.
The JEI is the first Caribbean country to be accepted by the international body, and Moore said because of their long history of hosting tournaments, it was easy for the IEF to include them among the 55-member organisation.
“We had to show our history of video gaming in Jamaica in terms of events, and we were able to do that based on our record of putting on events. The last one we hosted was in 2016, and we attracted more than 500 persons. Of this number, 300 were gamers. We showed the IEF that we are capable of doing this type of thing,” he explained.
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