I'll take you, but I must make a stop first.

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My other driver, not Nick, Nick is the best, but a different man i use to travel with.One time, while walking down the road i heard the horn blow.I turned and My 2nd favorite driver asked if i needed a ride.It's funny, how if i'm not going anywhere in particular, i will change my mind when i see old reliable guys.Yeh mon, i need to....."I must stop by the gas lady, then drop it off at home".Cool, i'm in no hurry.So i hopped in his van.We crossed over the bridge and made a left, pass the shops and into the neighborhood.We went down some road, made a few turns and he pulled over.I could see about 20 gas cans. Gas for a cooking stove or something. My driver walked up to a fence and yelled.Miss Mavis, Miss Mavis!Soon a portly nice looking lady came down a little hill and to the fence.My friend passed an empty gas can to her and got a full one in return.Ok mon, mi house is just up the hill and around the corner.We must have went up 3 hills and 4 corners, soon we were at his house.He was pointing out things and said the road is up to the residents if they want to get it fixed.His shocks absorbers were on vacation and my body was shaking and bumpin around the van, but it was a little fun.We got to his house, but it was up a hill.He pulled over on the road and we both got out.He called out and a young man, maybe 13-14, popped his head out a window and then came out the house, yelled something back and started walking down the hill towards the road to us.He handed the gas can to the teen and we both started laughing."yeah man, the youth's do the walking around here, i'm not going up that hill".It was quite a hill.No road up to the house, just a 30 yard climb almost straight up.These side trips, with responsible reliable Jamaican men, always add that extra something when i'm in Jamaica.I end up someplace new and get that "WOW" feeling.To me, if you are older and wiser, than you are my big brother or uncle.So, i have a duty, and it's a priveledge to learn from the more expeirenced locals.