I was a shop keeper for a while

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My friend, who has a little shop/place on the beach needed to go to the store to stock up.Mark, i must go downtown.I'm runnin low on this and that.Stay here and don't let anybody in, except tourist.Whoa man, i made it!I am a shop keeper!Sure it was only 1 hour, but i was in charge.He has a place behind the craft market.Beer, cigarettes,sunglasses, hats and trinkets, you get the picture.He has a deep freezer, that is stocked with Lobsters and Bonita fish.He cooks out on the beach everyday. Always has a fire going.He has wood carvings and other stuff to sell.Often we sat eating lobster and Bonita and rice and veggies. It was early, maybe 11:00 AMHe put on his "going to the store clothes" and off he went.All he ever wears are cut off jeans, that's it.I had the tunes bumpin and Red stripes flowin.When i saw some "tourist" people walking the beach, i made a valiant effort to entice them over.Now, if he would only stay gone 2-3 months, i would be happy. I could call my lady friends to help out and cook, call my driver Nick, to pick up and drop off people.Go to my mom-in-laws store to pick up supplies.She goes all the way to Sav for her supplies.I'm sure she could take my list with her.About an hour later, he came back, looked around and went into the shop to put up the supplies.So, how was things, he asked?Fine, except,You came back 2 months too early i said.We both had a good laugh over that.