I guess i'll go swimming at the Sunset on the Cliffs

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It seems like it rain 5 days straight at about 1 o'clock.Lasted maybe 1 1/2 hour.Lightning storms came in on Tuesday and Wednesday.There is thunder and lightning everywhere, but this one day in Negril It was super loud. My Bro and I were sitting outside on the balcony while the rain came down. "Mark, it rains everyday at the same time.Then the sun comes out, you know we get all day rain and 2-3 days of clouds in Chicago.Yeah, mon, that's another reason i love Jamaica so.My brother must have been looking down when it hit.I was day dreaming, as usual, looking at the clouds and rain.There was a very bright, almost white flash, and i knew it was coming.BOOOOOOM!!!!My brother jumped about 6 inches out of his chair.Mark! man that was close as hell!!!It did seem to erupt right over our hotel.I laughed and laughed.See, you were feeling guilty when the loud clap came, you thought it was your time to go meet your maker for all the bad things you have done in your life.LOL LMAO!! Yeah right, he said.There were about 3-4 very loud ones. Then the sunshine came out from behind the clouds and the heat was back in full force.I feel like another swim in the pool.You want to go?