I guess i'll go swimming at the Sunset on the Cliffs

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It seems like it rain 5 days straight at about 1 o'clock.Lasted maybe 1 1/2 hour.Lightning storms came in on Tuesday and Wednesday.There is thunder and lightning everywhere, but this one day in Negril It was super loud. My Bro and I were sitting outside on the balcony while the rain came down. "Mark, it rains everyday at the same time.Then the sun comes out, you know we get all day rain and 2-3 days of clouds in Chicago.Yeah, mon, that's another reason i love Jamaica so.My brother must have been looking down when it hit.I was day dreaming, as usual, looking at the clouds and rain.There was a very bright, almost white flash, and i knew it was coming.BOOOOOOM!!!!My brother jumped about 6 inches out of his chair.Mark! man that was close as hell!!!It did seem to erupt right over our hotel.I laughed and laughed.See, you were feeling guilty when the loud clap came, you thought it was your time to go meet your maker for all the bad things you have done in your life.LOL LMAO!! Yeah right, he said.There were about 3-4 very loud ones. Then the sunshine came out from behind the clouds and the heat was back in full force.I feel like another swim in the pool.You want to go? Yeah, but my lady gets off soon, and i know she's coming straight here. You better believe she is.Ok, I'll catch you later.I walked off and looked at my brother's face.He wanted to go, but he would be "tied up" for the evening.I headed to the road and caught a route mobile.Another lady was in the car, she was headed to the west end like me. The driver crossed the bridge and stayed to his right, pulled over where some westend drivers are always waiting.Normally, the cabs go all the way to the taxi park, but since 3 of us wanted to head to the westend, they will maneuver over to that side of the road, not go all the way to the taxi park. We hopped out that cab and into another, waited for a 4th person, then headed down the westend road.aka One Love Drive.Earlier in the day, i had met 4 ladies from DC. They were looking for something to do.I told them we could have a pool party on the Cliffs at the sister hotel, Sunset on the Cliffs.They said maybe, but i could tell they probably would not show.So, the driver pulled up to the Sunset on the Cliffs, it is right across the street from Eddie's de Bar,Best Lobster i ever had in Jamaica. There was nobody at the pool except the barmaid and myself.Last time i came here, i was with my brother and a few ladies.Today nobody was there but me.I picked out a nice lounger chair, threw my towel and gear down, and took the plunge.Ahhhh, a pool, with cool music in the background and i had the pool all to myself!I was in heaven.The same barmaid, who was there last trip was on duty that day.A very beautiful lady, the color of cinnamon.I swam and watched her watch me for a while, then i jumped out the water and walked over to her to pass a little time. I tell you, there is something about swimming, water and beautiful J ladies that make my heart flutter.It was fabulous.Hello, god day, would you like something?(is she reading my mind? Gosh darn skippy i want something)Ummm, lets see, what do you have that's good back there.She just smiled and giggled."it's all good back here" (heart be still)Alrighty then,Hmmm, i'll take another of your famous mudslides please.I grabbed a seat,(wish i could have taken hers)and waited and WATCHED while she started preparing the magical elixer.Just sitting out there, looking out into the sea was just exquisite.After the rain, the sun at about 3:00 PM. the water was glistening, with the sun shining on it at that just right angle.So, this is what people have been talking about when they say they love the Cliffs more than the beach.So nice.Soon the cocktail was ready, and i just sat there getting to know the lady.I finished my drink in no time. Was it good, she asked.Oh yeah, you made the best one i ever had.I jumped back in the pool and just floated around, feeling the mighty strong mudslide on mi brain.Not too hot the early evening. The water felt fine.If i could just freeze this moment, i'd never leave. Well, that's enough of the pool.I got out and the lady just kept looking at me.Hmmm, maybe i will give her a show.I grabbed the towel and did a couple of"male stripper moves" to the music she had going. She busted out laughing.I know i'm not the best dancer, but acting a little crazy is just so much dam fun.I dried off and walked up to the bar smiling.She had her head in her hands, looking at me with those big brown eyes.I walked up to her and said nothing.Just stood there, with that silly Markospoon grin on my face.She just stared back.Ok, snap out of it Mark.I had a seat and just stared off out to sea. She came right in front of me and asked me what i needed.Ding, ding.Round 2.