How I met my wife.

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Well, it was about 7 years ago.I was sitting on the porch at my regular/favorite hotel.Before i hit the road i sit outside and chill with some cold beers.I always bring a cooler with me, which i keep stocked with ice.One of the gardeners of the property, a guy that i have seen for about 2 years came over to chat a bit.Marko, where do you go during the evenings?", he asked me.Man, i just cross the road and look for someone cooking and music.There are nice ladies to look at most times too, i said. You need to come to the neighborhood mon, meet some reallocal folks"Ok, cool, where's your car?"Me nuh have No car mon, me ride de bike"Gulp! A motorcycle?Yeah mon, been ridin it forever.Ok, ok,I get off inna few minutes.So, about 5-6 o'clock i met him in the Hotel parking area.Mind the right side, only get on and off from the left.