Herbs for the Pancreas

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The pancreas is a glandular organ. It is often ignored until something goes wrong. The pancreas is important for digestion and the endocrine process. There are certain herbs that might help to repair and help keep the pancreas healthy. As with anything with your health please get a consultation from your doctor before using.Herbs for a healthy pancreas.Horsetail- aids in healing damaged tissue which deteriorates due to inflammation caused by pancreatitisDandelion- is effective against pancreatic cancer cells, it  also flushes out toxins from the intestinesGoldenseal- a very popular herb amongst other things lowers blood sugarGuinea hen weed - a popular anti-cancer herbLicorice Root - has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting propertiesBitter Melon- There are studies that bitter melon may kill pancreatic cancer cells (in the absence of diabetes)Soursop leaf tea - may regulate blood sugarplease speak to your doctor before adding herbs to your diet and do research for yourself.