Herbs for Natural Pain Management

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Pain is indicative to inflammation or injury. Herbs that I will share in this post are some that one may use as an alternative to ibuprofen. So I am talking about a headache or muscle ache etc. Anyone suffering from major pain should consult their doctor. I look for alternatives because over the counter tablets may cause long term damage to the liver, and intestines. So I am sharing herbs that I have used for minor headaches, cramps or joint pain. I am not suggesting that you should avoid your doctors orders.Turmeric is my all time favorite from joint pain to headaches this herb has worked for me especially in the form of a tea.Capsaicin or peppers. I had a headache so bad once with no aspirin in sight, I ate a piece of a scotch bonnet pepper and my headache subsided .Ginger is also very good for pain . When combined with turmeric its a very powerful pain reliever especially for those suffering from arthritis.These herbs can work but will work even better with a good diet .