Happy Teacher’s Day

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One of my high-school teachers died last week.
She didn’t teach me personally, but she was one of those effervescent personalities who impacts your day by just being there. The subsequent pictures and memories that surfaced in my alumni’s Facebook groups made me nostalgic for those days and for the teachers who filled my days so many many years ago.
I had some amazing teachers (some not so amazing as well but still memorable if only for their awfulness LOL.)
Sister Angela made me appreciate Arithmetic , Ms. Edwards is instrumental for my love of art, Ms. Malins- Smith for Literature and the love of Atticus Finch in the To Kill A Mocking Bird, Mr. Mallick who  I enjoyed but despised his subject Economics LOL and many more. It been over 30 years since I left that school and it still hold all the memories near and dear to my heart.
My friend’s mother also died recently same week actually. She was also a teacher and the outpouring of love from her past students was heartwarming and touching.