Hapless Helpers

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The boundaries are becoming increasingly fuzzy - help vs hinderance. What is not becoming fuzzy is the money I pay for services. The cord of kindness that I so understandingly have been letting out before, has snaked back and has started to strangle me - leaving me gasping for air, sanitity and calmness!This morning he comes as usual to bathe Nico. Sitting quietly in the TV room I time the length of the actvity - 4 mins and 30 seconds flat! No wonder it is my dog is full of fleas. Confronting him, he stammers out ' oh but madam I am going to now remove them'. Too late. I pay him and thank him for his services and politely inform him I won't be needing him in the future. Ride over. Will bathe my own damn dog.So the things I DO NOT want in a helper - starting immediately:1. I don't need a friend - I need you to do your job; lets be very clear - you are not my friend, you are my employee. Period. Please respect my space I will respect yours.2. I don't need to be your emergency 'susu' - no, I will not advance payment to buy your mobile phones, or to purchase that acre of land that you so desire, or any other such thing.3.