Habemus Papas - The Catholic Church Has a New Pope!

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The Catholic Church has a new Pope (head of their church)!
His name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio - Archbishop of Argentina - an Argentinian of Italian heritage, who will hereafter be known as Pope Francis I.
[He was elected after three (3) days of intense voting by the Roman Catholic Cardinals who gathered in the Vatican to elect a new Pope, following the surprise resignation of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger - Pope Benedict XVI, due to ill health].
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a Jesuit - and a champion of the poor, we understand that he is also a philosopher
(Jesuit priests are the most educated within the Catholic priesthood). 
He was originally ordained Cardinal, by Pope John Paul II.
According to CBS News correspondents:
1) As Archbishop of Argentina -  Jorge Mario Bergoglio took his role of champion of the poor, seriously, refusing to live in the home dedicated to the Archbishop, but opting instead, to live in a small apartment.
He also walked or took taxis versus driving in the limousine that was appointed him
2) The Jesuits have had slight differences of opinion with the philosophy of the papacy.
3) 400,000 young people across the world adopted a Cardinal and prayed for the Cardinals who voted for Pope, to make the right decision.
4) Latin America has 40% of the world's Catholics and is the fastest-growing region in the world, for Catholicism.
The Christian world will be praying for this new Pope, as we pray for any Head of Denomination  - that he will make the right decisions regarding the Catholic Church...and be truly directed by God.
Girl With a Purpose (GWAP) Blog wishes this new Pope, well!
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