Gungo Peas

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In Jamaica, you know Christmas is ‘around the corner’ when green gungo peas becomes available for sale. Venders can be seen busy picking the precious peas from their pods ready for those shoppers who prefer to buy the ready to cook peas by the pint or quart.  It’s cheaper to buy by the pound in the pod but most persons including myself do not like to shell the peas as its very time consuming and usually involves contact with worms. Either way gungo peas is a must have in every Jamaican home at Christmas time.
The most famous dish cooked in Jamaica with the gungo peas is gungo rice and peas. Throughout the year dried gungo peas is used however during Christmas time green gungo peas makes the dish even more delicious. The truth is green gungo peas is an all-time favourite of many Jamaicans and is used to make a multitude of dishes. Stewed green gungo with saltfish, pigstail or chicken foot is to die for. Vegetarians have a field day with green gungo as main dishes or in salads. The ultimate best for many Jamaicans however is green gungo soup with ham bone. After the Christmas ham is consumed the bone is reserved for the most delicious Saturday soup of the year.