The Generosity of Jamaican Diaspora Organizations

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There is a lot of talk about the “Jamaican Diaspora.” Politicians talk about the diaspora as if it is a large, homogenous bloc of Jamaicans. Quite a few of our relatives are “Jamaican Diaspora,” in New York, London and elsewhere. Our relatives don’t sound very Jamaican any more when they speak, and the younger ones sound even less so. But they all still love the island of their birth.
Having said that, I always have the feeling that Jamaicans take our diaspora folks a little bit for granted. There are the barrels bearing nice things that arrive at the wharf. There are the U.S. Dollars and British Pounds that flow into Western Union branches across the island, especially at holiday times. Many Jamaicans could barely manage without these remittances.
But that is all another story.
What I am talking about here is the idealism and kindness of Jamaicans living abroad, who form non-profit organizations, see where the need is and lend practical support to sectors that are badly in need of support. Often, it is either education or health; in this case I am talking about the latter.