Gaza Next generation Targeted by police or publicity stunt

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Now this was not written by Dat a Gwaan suh nuh cuss bout di Poor English. However I had to share this because da yute yah love publicity stunt gone to bedDANCEHALL ARTIST JAMARLEY GUTHRIE MORE POPULAR KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC AS GAZA NANA OR NANA ICE has reportedto the media about treats from the Jamaican Constabulary force J.C.F [the Jamaican police] saying he’s now a person ofInterest to the M.I.T MAJOR INVESTAGATION TASK FORCE and the next WANTED list to be put out by the JAMAICAN Policewill include his name“I am now worried for my life and my freedom” said GAZA NANA , “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I COULD HAVE DONE FOR THEPOLICE TO BE INTRESTED IN ME”. “I HAVE NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY THING BUT IVE BEEN ARRESTED FOR A NUMBEROF MINOR THINGS AS AN HIGH SCHOOL STUDIENT, BUT SINCE 2010 IVE NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW SO WHYAM I A TARGET TO M.I.T NOW”? “SINCE WE FORMED GAZA NEXT GENERATION GNG TO CONTINUE THE GAZA LEGACY IAND FELLOW MEMBERS OF GNG HAVE BEEEN HATED A LOT AND ARE NOW TARGETS OF BOBYLAN WHAT COULD BE THEPROBLEM?