Gaza Next generation Targeted by police or publicity stunt

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Now this was not written by Dat a Gwaan suh nuh cuss bout di Poor English. However I had to share this because da yute yah love publicity stunt gone to bedDANCEHALL ARTIST JAMARLEY GUTHRIE MORE POPULAR KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC AS GAZA NANA OR NANA ICE has reportedto the media about treats from the Jamaican Constabulary force J.C.F [the Jamaican police] saying he’s now a person ofInterest to the M.I.T MAJOR INVESTAGATION TASK FORCE and the next WANTED list to be put out by the JAMAICAN Policewill include his name“I am now worried for my life and my freedom” said GAZA NANA , “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I COULD HAVE DONE FOR THEPOLICE TO BE INTRESTED IN ME”. “I HAVE NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY THING BUT IVE BEEN ARRESTED FOR A NUMBEROF MINOR THINGS AS AN HIGH SCHOOL STUDIENT, BUT SINCE 2010 IVE NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW SO WHYAM I A TARGET TO M.I.T NOW”? “SINCE WE FORMED GAZA NEXT GENERATION GNG TO CONTINUE THE GAZA LEGACY IAND FELLOW MEMBERS OF GNG HAVE BEEEN HATED A LOT AND ARE NOW TARGETS OF BOBYLAN WHAT COULD BE THEPROBLEM? ONLY THING I CAN SAY ITS JUST THE NEME WE TOOK UP ON OUR SELVES (Gaza Next Generation), to me thesystem hates the name GAZA, VYBZ KARTEL and THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT GAZA”. SAYS GAZA NANA ICESince the conviction of Entertainer/KING OF THE DANCEHALL Adidja VYBZ KARTEL Palmer and fellow member of the GazaEmpire Shawn Shawn Storm Campbell along with Andre Saint John and Kyra Jones the Jamaican Police have beenremoving pictures and graphitic writings associated with GAZA EMPIRE AND VYBZ KARTEL

“MAYBE THEY JUST WANN GET RID OF THE GAZA IN JAMAICA” GAZA NANA says, cause even one of the members of Gaza NGwas apart of the Jamaica Constabulary Force island wide tour that goes into schools/ Communities to put on small concertfor people to Full joy with the police But since they find out he was apart of Gaza Next Generation G.N.G They drop him ansay he can no longer take part on there tours so it seems as if we are ENEMIES or THREATH to Jamaican Police and Societythe system just hates anybody associated with GAZA IT seems to me that they really went and build evidence against ADDIand all they say about him isn’t true cause if I just have the name GAZA NEXT GENERATION and they want to put my nameon wanted list WHAT WOULDN’T THE JAMAICAN POLICE DO? GAZA NANA said,“I just want the world to know that we the GAZA NEXT GENERATION are Decent citizens of Jamaica we are no criminals andwe are just simple trying to keep a Great Music Group of Our country Jamaica alive That’s why we took on the name GNGWe respect Vybz Kartel but we know of nothing he was convicted of nor nothing of Waterford and ill also like the Jamaicanpolice to know that I GAZA NANA ICE have nothing against them I just don’t want my name to be Involve with no criminalactivates as I have never been involved in none I only do music and I’m a proud represent/Supporter of vybz kartel and theGaza Empire musically GAZA NANA Ended his statement, The star tried to contact to Jamaican Police but there was no one tocomment on the MatteIS the Jamaican system really fighting Gaza?Di question di ppl dem a ask a  who name Gaza nana Cho nuh badda mi