A flight that turned wierd

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Anybody ever catch what i call a "sardine can Plane"Its a charter flight, all silver metal with no symbol or drawings on the sides.I booked a trip to Jamaica on it just because i had to get away quickly. (no, not from the law).I had the very first aisle seat after the pilots.No first class.We took off on time from Chicago's Ohare. It was a non-stop flight to Mobay.The first 3 hours was smooth sailing.All of the sudden the captain informed us that there was a thunderstorm just hanging over Sansgters airport. He said "we can keep circling and hope the storm passes or head to Kingston.He said since we were low on fuel, we will be going straight to Kingston.I thought we would be going around the storm. It felt like we went right threw it!That plane was jumping up and down a lot. Big movements,This was my first storm flight and every time the plane dropped what felt like 30-40 feet I would grab the arm of the woman sitting next to me.I couldn't control my reflexes.When i looked out the window it was all white clouds and bright flashes of light from the lightning or thunder or something!This lasted for a 1/2 hour! (maybe less, but it felt like forever)It was right before Christmas and I had a lot of gifts with me. "we cant crash now! I have all these gifts! All my friends are waiting for me!Since i was in the first aisle,the stewardess was sitting directly across from me facing the rear, looking into my face.She said that she loves this part of flying. It felt good to her.Eventually we made it to the Airport in Kingston.We landed and the workers on the runway looked puzzled at the plane.Hmmm. Didn't they know we were coming? Soon the door opened, an Airport worker came on board and started talking to the Pilot.We needed gas.It took about 2 hours of negotiating between the Airline company and the Airport personel and charge accounts and so on.I guess a full tank is a pretty penny.With the plane shut down it was very hot, the humidity was stifling. Women started to holler "We cant breath! and "WE NEED WATER,COLD WATER!!Someone had a little baby with them, 3 rows behind me.I love kids but the diapers, the smells! Oh lawdy help us!In that heat and humidity it (the diaper smell) was twice as strong. I was getting a little sick.The co-pilot started to open the front door and the wind grabbed it and swung it open wildly! Fresh air, oh how sweet it was!!!Gee i hope the door is OK. We need to fly to MOBAY on this plane.We finally took off in what seemed like 3 hours later.This was the first time i got to Negril in the dark. I cant blame that airline for mother nature.Just bad luck that day.