Fabian Thomas: New Thoughts, New Words

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Fabian M. Thomas is one of those inspiringly creative Jamaicans. There is no stopping him! I believe we first met at a Calabash workshop, quite a few years ago now. I was doing Fiction Writing with Colin Channer. Fabian was doing Poetry with Kwame Dawes. I recall that we fiction writers were extremely noisy. Our exclamations and occasional loud crashing noises (Mr. Channer expressed himself quite physically sometimes, and we perhaps encouraged him) disturbed the rather more contemplative poets in the other room from time to time.
Fabian remains a contemplative person. His art has a purpose, which is social and personal transformation. At the same time, he has a certain exuberance that is hard to rein in. He has been striding along over the past several years – exploring, turning over stones, nudging at a boundary here and there. His sense of humor, amid the serious topics that he tackles in his work, is always just under the surface. He has always been someone you can have a good chuckle with. He’s not afraid to shock his audiences a little, either.