Environment v. Development…and the Loss of Our Dignity

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I cannot get them out of my head. Thoughts of them stop me every time I begin to delve into the tangled theories and murky machinations at work behind the proposed Goat Island/Logistics Hub development plan, or the Bog Walk Dam, or the fate of the Falmouth Pier.  I feel I cannot get into those weeds until I tackle, understand, and incorporate that understanding of the nonstop alarm in my brain into everything.  I recall images I have seen of folks like them.  Their livelihoods seem so carelessly considered. But, worse, their dignity is decidedly and perhaps deliberately ignored. They are the fisherfolk who are told, though not directly or with any real assurance, that once the Hub is built, there will be low-skilled jobs available for them. Well, they are also told that low-skilled jobs will be available for them while the Hub is being built.   I suppose.  I note that there is no expectation that these men and women will be able to do anything else. Some fisherfolk may indeed choose to take these jobs, considering the choice a step “up” and “progress”; this is, of course, fine as it is will be their choice.