Dr Peter Phillips is not ready for real leadership.

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Over the last 12 months a number of young comrades have taken to the media space and use words that we found to be reprehensible and does not reflect where Jamaica is going.

The political ombudsman had to intervene on each occasion and demanded public apology from these young comrades ( old wine bottles)

The PNP President has often said the current Prime Minister is weak despite him having sanctioned every minister under his watch that has done something wrong.

Dr Peter Phillips on each of these four occasions have refused to publicly admonish his young charge and appears to actually lend support to their brutish behaviour.

In the latest case Dr Peter Phillips own son charged that ” Nuh laboirte bwoy or gyal can come roun yahso, dem betta run weh from yahso” . While the country was in total shock by these words played to the background of convicted murder Vybz Kartel music, the PNP President said the words were simply misinterpreted by the public because they were spoken in patio.

Dr Peter Phillips appears to be saying the following