Dr Horace Chang is correct.

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Last week Dr Chang in providing historical context into how the current police force came to be where it is, said among other things ” the current force is beyond repair”.  Truth be told, it take guts from any Minister to say this, but this is exactly what he did. The fact is unless we are open and honest in our recognition of a problem and is willing to call it as it is, there is no chance the problem will ever be fixed.
Now that Dr Chang has laid it bare , we hope the Federation gets on board quickly so we can have a fighting chance of replacing the broken system, with something that no longer just works to protect the rich, but works for all concerned.
Seems the police federation wants to maintain the status quo and try a piece meal approach which cannot address the problem.
I am surprised Fitz Jackson has not yet jumped up to support the police federation, since that support would be in opposition to the government. I will give him another 48 hrs to lend his support to the police federation.