Digital: Larry Chang

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Chang, Larry - Commodity Series - SugarChang, Larry – Commodity Series – Sugar (2013), digital composition, giclee print on canvas

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Larry Chang was born in Jamaica, 1949. From 1966 to 1967, he studied under the tutelage of late Jamaican artist, Gloria Escoffery. In 1971, he graduated from the California College of Art in the USA, with a BFA degree and later began participating in the National Gallery of Jamaica’s Annual National Exhibition in the late 1970s. In 1980, Chang held a solo exhibition entitled Homoerotica: The Art that Dares to Speak its Name at the Bolivar Gallery in Kingston Jamaica. A published author, he currently lives and works in Thailand.

Chang, Larry - Commodity Series - Tobacco (2013), digital composition, giclee print on canvasChang, Larry – Commodity Series – Tobacco (2013), digital composition, giclee print on canvas

About the Work
“I had been engaged in environmental sustainability efforts but arrived at the conclusion that all efforts would be to no avail unless the underlying monetary system which facilitated greed and exploitation was addressed. The pursuit of profit has been responsible for the subjugation of people, destruction of the environment, and abuse of resources predating the colonial era to present-day economic slavery and widespread poverty. While the Commodity Series references Jamaica, the inequity and injustice of exploitative relationships are global.”

“The compositions represent commodities that have shaped Jamaican life, ranging from the cosmic to the microscopic viruses and molecules that affect us. Interwoven are the genetic codes and monetary codes which govern. Other commodities planned for similar treatment are bananas, cocoa, coffee and bauxite.”