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Beverley Bennett - Unpick (still from video)Beverley Bennett – Unpick (still from video)

Here is another of our features on the artists in our upcoming Digital exhibition, which opens on April 24:
Beverly Bennett is a British born artist with Jamaican parentage. She obtained a BA degree in Visual Communication from the University of Central England (2004) and an MA in Fine Arts from the Middlesex University in London (2009). She also studied Experimental Sound Art at the Mary Ward Centre, London in 2014. She has held three solo shows Untitled Reverb at St George’s Hospital (2016) and has participated in a number of group shows, including ones held at the National Portrait Gallery in London and In Between Times at Queen’s Park, London (2014). Bennett is a member of the Network 11, a peer group of artists who are each grappling with contemporary art practices, including performance, sound and imagery.

Beverley Bennett - Record Distortion (Cacophony series) (not in exhibition)Beverley Bennett – Record Distortion (Cacophony series) – not in exhibition

About the Work
Art  is  a  site  that  produces  a  specific  sociability,  the  community  is  formed  in  relation  to  and  inside  the  work.
Nicholas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics
Unpick is a work in progress, a video based piece which explores the narratives of the post Windrush generation. Bennett’s hands are seen unpicking string vest fabric. Audio accompanies in the piece in the form of an interview Bennett conducts with her mother about her life in Jamaica and the life she has subsequently built in England. The telling of the story is fragmented with a broken timeline, mirroring the way Bennett decides to unpick sections of the fabric. As the piece continues the fabric begins to fray and disintegrate.

Beverley Bennett - Graphic Score (not in exhibition)Beverley Bennett – Graphic Score (not in exhibition)