Demarco 3SUM Pic

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Suh a pic a guh roun pon di net wid Demarco in a compromising position. The image features the artiste in bed topless with two nude females solely in masks; leaning over his lap suggestively.Maybe is a hype Demarco a look cause nuttn too tuf naah gwaan fi him ...Demarco's publicist, Raymond 'Shadow' Small, told THE WEEKEND STAR that although he's aware of the image being online, "I am not sure of the circumstances surrounding the photo, so I don't want to comment about it."Demarco was unable to provide a comment, as he is on tour.Demarco joins the ranks of dancehall artistes Spice and Danielle DI, who recently had raunchy pictures of them released and circulating da dee la da daaa