Cyber Thieves Run Rampant – Jamaica Suffering Billions In Losses From Online Crime

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Jamaica lost in excess of J$12 billion to cybercrime in 2016 alone, and, given evidence that Eastern European hackers are among those cashing in on this lucrative industry, Director of the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency Colonel Desmond Edwards is describing cybercrime as the “most nefarious of the challenges” that law enforcement officials will face going forward.
Edwards was speaking at a recent presentation to officials who work in border control. The security expert noted that cybercrime is the new frontier for criminal enterprises.
“Traditionally, we have, as you all know, focused on physical borders, but the cyber criminal operates in a virtual space. There is no defined border. We have seen, for example, hacking attacks and theft of money, and so on, and going into banks and transferring money from various accounts,” he said.
“Once you have access to Internet and a computer platform, you can do this pretty much anywhere in the world.”
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