The current administrations is making all the right moves

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Yesterday, the PAAC heard good news which has been in the making for sometime. The PIOJ Director General Dr Wayne Henry reported that the growth rate for the first fiscal quarter for 2018/2019  was a respectable 2.2% beating their own estimate of 1.8% by 400 basis points.
The last time Jamaica experienced anything like this was in 2016(JLP) and before that 2009(JLP) , which is my view is tells a remarkable story.
At the same time, the finance minister told us our fiscal surplus was ahead of target, while the Professor Gorden Shirley reported on the same day that the largest cruise liner ever to grace the shores of Jamaica had docked in Ocho Rios.
In addition to the above, we were given employment figures which indicates that as of the end of the last quarter Jamaica  had more people employed than at any other period is its history.
With 3 SOE  and two ZOSO in place , Jamaica has seen a significant fall off in serious crimes especially murders, as criminals who once ruled the streets, have gone into retreat, hoping these special operations will end soon.