Constitutional challenge to ship rider agreement looming, who will take it on?

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Given the outrage being expressed by Jamaicans across the length and breadth of Jamaica to recent news about the slave like treatment of Jamaican nationals by the USA coast guard, one would be inclined to ask about the 1997 Ship Rider agreement .

In 1997 the then Minister of National Security , Dr Peter Phillips and the PNP which was in power at the time , signed what we now know as the “ShipRider” agreement . What is this agreement

The Shiprider Agreement allows United States vessels to pursue and search within Jamaica’s waters, vessels suspected of drug trafficking; United States vessels may also pursue and search suspect Jamaican vessels in international waters

The agreement also allows for men suspected of being involved in drug trafficing being “taken” to the USA for trial.

In 2004 the PNP government ammneded aspects of the Ship Rider agreement to achieve the followng