Checking in

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Soooooooo  I'm here.  Where is here?  Indiana, USA.  Doing what?  Not what I ought to be doing! But that's a whole other story.I been growing.  I been broken and being rebuilt.  I could complain but part of being rebuilt is that you realise that you are better for it.  So I choose to give praise.  Still working on being content but ambitious.I took 3 months off, which is another way of saying that I am unemployed.  I am awaiting my work permit.  Subway is hiring!  So is Papa Johns.  Considered being a bus driver but in Indiana they are very courteous.  I woulda wah empty out di bus and race it down di back road dem.I thought I would have been bored here and to some extent I am.  But I am not crying myself to sleep bored.  I haven't resorted to television moron-tainment, but I fell into the FB well of despair and am clawing my way back out.  At my worst I knew what time of day certain folks would be logging on and I became a 'like' ho!