Chasteberry /Vitex

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I used to talk about this herb so much in the past. It is time to bring it up again.  Chasteberry/Vitex has over the years helped me with PMS symptoms but there are many other benefits from this herb.I used to suffer from cramps, irritability, and headaches,  Chasteberry helped me. Over the past few years, a week before menstruation I develop sneezing and allergy attacks for two days. I researched it and found that elevated or a decreased estrogen can cause this. So  I started using Chasteberry/Vitex again, which again helped me. Hormonal imbalances can trigger all kinds of inflammation and other autoimmune responses.Here are other issues Chasteberry/Vitex can help you with :May shrink uterine fibroids- regulates hormonal imbalances, hence slowing down the growth of fibroidsReduces MigrainesAlleviates PMS symptomsReduces menopausal symptomsMay reduce endometriosis symptoms- may decrease/alleviate inflammation I am not a doctor, I am just posting a herb that has helped me and others that I suggested it to. Consult your doctor before trying these herbs.