Busy Signal - Real Talk - [January 2014] [Mavado Warning !!!]

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Suh Busy drop a new tune 'Real Talk' which word on the street is that its diss to Mavado...Busy a chat a bagga tings inna di tune butt unnu fi memeba a long time Mavado a move away wid Bounty!Singer no fi a war Bounty real talkHim no member when him broke and when him hungryReal talkA beg the bills and the fiftyReal talkTell him no be a ungrateful pickneyReal talkMember money cyaa change wiReal talkWi no frighten fi Benz or BogattiReal talkMember this dawg a Killer did start wiReal talkPree The Videohttp://youtu.be/D5XPumo5aKY