The Boston Tragedy

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I never understand why people want to wipe out people even if they have offended you.  Whether they drone on or it is high pressure arguments, I just can't understand how you can make a decision to wipe somebody out.  Just obliterate them as if they never existed.  As if they meant nothing.  As if no one else cared for them, even though they may have offended you.  It's frightening the kind of cold calculation involved in planning such events and then some of us watch these news corporate snuff films, lamenting or cheering depending on which side of the field we support.  Hanging on every breaking update of emptiness to feed our enquiring minds.I turn it off and bury my face in the wrong book to be transported into a fabled version of the story as its being written.  Stock photos, cut and hated unto screens slung with mud, because some will stick.  Reddit eyed creatures switched into action straight off the assembly line of mis-guided-nation, mis-information, mis-interpretation, mass-paranoia, mass-celebration at the creation of a narrative starring 'blue duffel bag man', as they proclaimed "it is good!"What was the purpose? We ask. He may try to reply, rely re: the LIE, re lie, as we re try a corpse, long dead before the day the pressure was too high. And he, they, it, the product, the dead, fouled a system, a way, away, astray, that day? Three faces frozen forever: the child, the foreign graduate student, the retiree, gone 'who are we to say' too soon.  And a piece of each of us dies, because who we were is no more.  The terror within, the freedom loser, shocked, locked over smoking barrels, leaves one raging nation on this sod, divisible with artillery and justice for none.     Selah!