Beyond Coding: Why We need to Rethink Caribbean Women in Tech

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Tech is a hot sector, and it’s exciting to see more women getting involved, but we still have a long way to go before we reach gender equality at the core of the industry, which for many, means….computer science…coding. That’s been the bias from day one. The fact is though, that as more and more industries step into the digital age, tech will permeate every part of our economy. So there needs to be an equal an importance placed on technical skills as well as on non-technical skills. Expertise in online business models, digital marketing, e-commerce, new media, social media strategy, gadgets, and IT infrastructure are all essential to the technology ecosystem.  The Caribbean and Global Digital Economy needs both technical and non-technical talent, leadership, professionals, and entrepreneurs.
This is why we need to rethink Caribbean Women in Tech- by broadening the narrative about what is possible in tech and the digital economy for women. It is the underlying theme and mission of the Caribbean Women in Tech Event Series and why we selected these women to be on the panel for our first event of 2020.
Here’s a little bit of who they are: