Banyan Tribe Presents “Manifest Your Best 2018” Workshop

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Join Banyan Tribe for its “Manifest Your Best 2018” Workshop.  
This workshop will be a unique opportunity for us to focus on achieving our goals for 2018, identify limiting beliefs and habits and ways to change them in a safe supportive space!  
With every new year, we enter a time for a fresh start, another chance to improve something in our lives.
The thrilling energy of the beginning, the hope, and motivation we feel towards our goals are important tools to help us to stay present and committed to our goals.
The “Manifest Your Best 2018” Workshop will include the following:
– A “Manifest Your Best 2018” workshop with Alina Apostol Mihaela – Certified Clinical Psychologist
– A yoga practice with Karin Wilson Edmonds – Certified Yoga Instructor, the practice will be crafted to support the workshop goals and will be appropriate for all levels
-A guided meditation by Kalaan Nibonri – Certified Meditation Teacher
The workshop will help us to:
1. Define our goals – What is your dream? How can we word this dream in a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goal?