Are you sure your car can make it??

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Yo Nick, pick me up i'm...I passing your hotel now!Wow man, ok. Before i could sit down i could hear nick's car coming.I'd know that engine anywhere.He walked on over to the balcony and we sat a bit. Where to now Marko?Its not far, she will meet us on the road.I stocked up the ice cooler, grabbed my keys and cash.We outta here! Man, i love cruisin at night in negril. Tunes thumpin and bumpin, i'm up front ridin shotgun,it's just great.It seems like the town takes on a new look at night.Man, where were all these ladies this afternoon? Earlier, the beach looked like Mayberry RFD.Too hot man, nick said. Whoa, slow down Nick, i think that's her.We puled over and she hopped in.Hey Marko,hey baby.Oh, thinks are looking up now. She told nick to go up the hill and keep to the right.It was a one lane road, twisted here and there."Now, we can just walk down that path and we will be there.I was looking and notice how bumpy the road looked. There were some marle (sp)hard rock spots sticking up here and there. Don't get out Mark, i can make it.You sure Nick?Baby said "We usually walk the rest of the way from the road".I can make it, don't worry.I heard some scraping sounds, not alot, coming from under the Nick mobile.Right here, she said.We got out and Nick had to back up the same way he came.I was praying that he would make it.He did, and took off.Funny, he never went down that road again, just dropped me on the main road everytime after that.Now when we get to the bottom of the hill, just don't pay any attention to the dogs.Huh, dogs?Yeah, a little pack of them, but they just bark and follow for a while.Sure enough, we rounded the bend and i heard them before i saw them.I have never seen any BIG dogs in Negril, just the medium to small ones.There were about 7. I thought you said a few?"just keep walking and don't pay them any attention"Yeah, right.We kept walking our normal pace, she held my hand when they barked and came close.I was looking for the leader, ready to crack his skull if need be.They charged and backed off, barking the whole time.Soon we were past "their spot"and they were just following, barking and soon faded back.She looked at me and smiled, but i was just trying to keep my cool.The things we do for love.