Are You a REAL Jamaican?

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Have you ever been on the receiving end of the pronouncement, “You’re not a real Jamaican!”?Well, regardless of who is making the statement – a non-Jamaican or a Jamaican – (s)he is making some comment about how you are seen, relative to other Jamaicans.You either fall short in some way, relative to the group, or you are in some way “better than” the group. They’re making a comment about how Jamaicans are identified and how you measure up to that identity. Depending on how you feel about being Jamaican, you may or may not be pleased with the implication: you’re not like other Jamaicans, but it really doesn’t matter to the observer – it’s how (s)he sees you. If you’re offended, you might find yourself saying, You’re wrong -- I am a real Jamaican!