Are there any investigative journalist left in Jamaica ?

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The 2016 amendments to the Ship Rider agreement, allows for the USA to board a vessel flying a Jamaican flag and take into custody those on board suspected of being involved in drug smuggling. This however can only be done after making contact with the Jamaican authorities and getting a waiver.

I have a number of questions .

  1. How many waivers have been granted between 2016 and now
  2. How many men have been taken into custody during that period
  3. What was the treatment meted out to these men
  4. Were any of these men found guilty of drug trafficking in a USA Court
  5. Have they all served time and deported back to Jamaica
  6. Are there any of our nationals who are awaiting trails coming out of their detention.

Between 1997 when the first ship rider agreement was signed and 2004 when the first set of amendments were made we need to following