Another night at the Jungle night Club in Negril

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It was around 8 and my brother was with his friend.Oh well, i guess the Jungle is out for tonight.Knock, knock.Who's there?Yo, Mark. it's me and Nick.They had taken my bro's girl home and were ready to start the night life.Yeah mon, we still going to the Jungle, get ready. Ok, I'm gonna shower and i'll meet you in your room.We were having cocktails about 10:30 and i was getting a little tired.After this drink, we'll go my Bro said.3 drinks later, Man, we still going. "Yeah, Yeah, i came all this way, there's no way i'm gonna miss ladies night"So, eventually we got there about 11:30Hey, lets have something to eat and people watch.There are always food vendors outside the Jungle.Alot of folks still hanging out or had been in and came out with the hand stamp.The chicken was right on time.It kinda perked me up and i had my 2nd wind.Lets go in now.Paid the fee and hit it.Boom Boom boom.It was on!!Ladies galore.they were still coming in 5-6 at a time. We statrted downstairs.Worked our way through the sweet smellin J ladies and made it to the bar.The ladies in the club were so plentyful, that they just stand in place and dance to the music.What a sight.Man, lets head upstairs for some air.We made our way pass the jirating and dipping hips and curvy figures to the steps.I saw an amazing looking woman just coming down,but her loss, i'm going up.The upstairs was cool.There was one woman, downstairs who had the dance moves down pat.I was watching her, she had her back to me, but her girlfriend was facing me.She must have said:"there is a cool tourist dude behind you, he's watching you for real!"Anyway, 10 minutes after we went upstairs, there she was, right next to me, alone, dancing by herself.Sigh, if only. Any who, my brother and i always split up, but keep and eye on each other.I looked over and my bro had a table with about 3 ladies. Man, he looks like he could use some help.I joined them and we laughed the night away.We ended up leaving with the 3 ladies, they were headed to the New Triple XXX Club.We were sleepy and told them later.They looked sad, but that's life.Bed time for this old cowboy.