Another day in Negril;

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There is a bar 2 doors down from the Coral Seas Garden hotel. It is next door to Sunrise restaurant.I'm just out to wander around a bit, get a little jerk from the man that cooks on the road. After my meal i go over to the bar and i see a pool table. Now, for those of you that play pool you know what a pleasant site that is.I take a seat and order a Red Stripe and watch the locals play a gambling game with cards. They put their money tucked under the side cushions on the table and deal out a round of poker. I guessed that the object is to hit the balls matching a card in your hand.After a couple of games they cool out and i step up to the plate."Time for a regular game? i ask.Sure mon, get a token from the barmaid.So i get the token, rack them up and ask what game the winner plays. "Eight-ball, straight in" he says. Cool.He breaks and makes a couple of stripes.Then he misses. I run off the next 5 shots flawlessly. I miss, he misses, i make all mine and sink the eight ball, corner pocket.I won about 5 straight games!