Another day in Negril;

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There is a bar 2 doors down from the Coral Seas Garden hotel. It is next door to Sunrise restaurant.I'm just out to wander around a bit, get a little jerk from the man that cooks on the road. After my meal i go over to the bar and i see a pool table. Now, for those of you that play pool you know what a pleasant site that is.I take a seat and order a Red Stripe and watch the locals play a gambling game with cards. They put their money tucked under the side cushions on the table and deal out a round of poker. I guessed that the object is to hit the balls matching a card in your hand.After a couple of games they cool out and i step up to the plate."Time for a regular game? i ask.Sure mon, get a token from the barmaid.So i get the token, rack them up and ask what game the winner plays. "Eight-ball, straight in" he says. Cool.He breaks and makes a couple of stripes.Then he misses. I run off the next 5 shots flawlessly. I miss, he misses, i make all mine and sink the eight ball, corner pocket.I won about 5 straight games! The waitress the whole time is eye balling me.After my first couple of wins, she ask me my name, where do i live, who am i staying with, blah, blah and more blah.I give her just vague desciptions(mus'nt give away all the info). Be careful guys what you say. No need to give every last detail to strangers, even if they have pretty faces.That was a nice couple of hours. Just chillin, drinking beers with the guys.Man, women are wonderful, but i still enjoy sports with the buddies away from the women folk.Time to catch a cab a little further from the hotel.I let a couple of cabs go by on purpose. I pick one, the front seat is taken, so i just hop in the back and enjoy the ride. I see the Treehouse coming up so i yell out "one stop!"I walk up to the joint and the front looks nice and quiet. I get to the rear beach and there are people everywhere! I'm on a mission to find some cool boardies. I know what Ras Walleye looks like, but i cant spot him anywhere. I have a drink or 2 at one of the bars and relax. The Treehouse plays nice old school soul jams.I cant find any familiar faces so i concentrate on the ladies in the polka dot bikinis.Man, nothing like listening to the music on the oceans edge with a cold beverage in your hand.For a brief second i think i see a lady i used to know. She's beautiful but as she gets closer i realize its a different lady. Same figure, but not the same person. Since i'm staring at her i might as well introduce myself. Spoon, Markospoon they call me. She laughs and i do too.She's with other people and they are motioning to her "time to head in"So, we part and say our good byes.Back to the road and up closer to the round about.Just before the bridge is the Craft Market. Behind the Craft Market is the part of the beach where you will find the hardcore fishermen.I am good friends with Ringo, the mountain man. He has a nice little shop and house right there, on the beach.He has plenty of sand and a nice business going.We sit and chat, drink some and ponder the mysteries of the universe.Nice to listen to someone from a different culture spout their views on this and that.Its all good mon, we all have red blood.