Alleged mistreatment of Jamaican nationals by USA Coast Guard

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I am not going to make any pronouncement on what the Jamaican fishermen where doing in Haitian waters, suffice to say, the Ship Rider agreement provides the USA (after seeking a waiver) to intercept and take into custody men suspected of being involved in drug trafficking.

Given the men were found guilty of “giving misleading statement of law enforcement officers” and not drug trafficking, which is the specific offence on which they were allowed to detain the men in the first place, does this not make their detention and subsequent conviction null and void and of no legal basis?

I will leave that to the law experts since I have no expertise in that area.

My focus however is on the stance taken by the opposition PNP, where they have sought to law blame on the government of Jamaican for the mistreatment of the fishermen by the US Authorities !!

I am perplexed that in a country of mainly black people, any political party could seek to blame its own people for their mistreatment at the hands of a foreign power , who happens to be mostly white.