Africa (Logbook)

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Some times people ask me what I have been up to all this time as if they are not aware that I have a whole website full of text and pictures. The most I can reply to the question is that mi dey ya, crossing the perpetual road of life, riding my breaks, hoping not to get hit by a drunk driver. People blindly strive to be their best self at all costs (or worse yet the self that other people want them to be) even if it will cost someone else discomfort. Education and agriculture. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding.I have to keep in the back of my head that no matter how people try they might not be able to keep up with my own attention span. People eventually revert back to their prior natural base ground instincts, desires and feelings before loneliness will break my heart please send me a post card darling, send me a post card now. Only the strong survive.I purposely try to reduce my influence on any person one I meet. I feel that I might derail their destiny to a point where they will depend on me to teach a man to fish. Kingston life not easy. Kingston takes but it rarely gives. Learn to love and be kind.