7 Great Yoga Studios in Kingston – Where To Do Yoga in Jamaica?

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Where can you do yoga in Jamaica? Lots of places! 
Yoga seems to be growing by leaps and bounds in Jamaica! There seems to be new yoga studios constantly popping up in and around Kingston. 
Here’s my list of  yoga studios that offer a range of yoga classes in and around Kingston! Any I’m forgetting? Please add!
(Updated August 14, 2018)
1. Afya Yoga Studios – One of my all time favourites! Afya has an indoor/outdoor vibe with their studio looking out onto a beautiful garden! Afya offers a range of yoga and pilates classes with great teachers.  Yoga classes include gentle yoga, vinyasa, and core yoga. Afya also offers a variety of health and wellness related events, workshops, meditation sessions, etc.
Website: https://www.afyajamaica.com/