5 Simple Activities Kids Thoroughly Enjoy WITH YOU!!!

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We're all about Guest Bloggers and have a special place for #DadsWhoBlog As such Jamaican Mommies welcomes guest blogger George Schalter from Educational Kids Games. His post below embodies much of what Jamaican Mommies have been championing as it relates to spending quality time with your kids through practical tips for keeping the family together . Read on...Parents, don’t you just love seeing your kids’ faces light up with joy and excitement as they’re having fun? Of course you do! Unfortunately though, it isn’t often that we actively plan for such experiences, since we tend to believe that they require a lot of time, effort, money, or even all three! Fortunately, that is far from true. Kids are easily entertained, and you can create special moments with them by indulging in quick, fun activities that they’re bound to enjoy. Here are five activity ideas to get you started.