★ Try

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And then try some more. Social media will give you the impression that people are “killing it”, and getting it right every single time and in all that that they do. I’m here to mash down that image of perfection for you; it doesn’t exist. Even if people choose not to share their challenges, they are real and chances are, those wins that you see were preceded by lots of nos, anxiety, and self doubt.
We are always more inclined to share our wins publicly. It’s what we do, and that’s true for individuals, companies, families etc. We even feel pressured sometimes to find and share wins; some even share wins that don’t exist to fit in or match up.
You’re great not because you thrive, you’re great because you try. You’re great because you keep on trying, because if you keep on trying, your “wins” may come. Don’t be fooled by my social media or others, for every success posted, for every win, there are many NOs, many “failed” attempts, many stressful days, weeks and months. Both personally and professionally.