★ “Entrepreneurship Training Gives Youth False Hope”, A response

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My friend and fellow World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Jaevion Nelson in his Gleaner column offers a rather cynical perspective on entrepreneurship training.  You can find his column here.  As an entrepreneur and as somebody who is passionate about entrepreneurship, I feel the need to respond.
To start, I don’t believe that you can create entrepreneurs.  I believe there are certain innate traits that are required to at least increase the odds of success in entrepreneurship. I say increase and not  guarantee because even with these traits, you’re still not guaranteed any success.  The true value in entrepreneurship workshops is helping to identify and develop entrepreneurial talent.  Many J’cans are forced into informal entrepreneurship (necessity entrepreneurship) because of a poor job market and/or because they’re not qualified for the job that they want so they decide to “do dem own ting”.