“Street Protest” threats causes jitters for tourism sector

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The threat made by the opposition in the house yesterday to “ take to the streets” have not gone unnoticed by those wishing to visit Jamaica.
Last night I received a number of messages and I will mention the narrative below.
A number of concerned persons have been making contacts with me asking
Person #1 “ Jay you have your ears close to the ground, we want to visit Ja during April, given this threat do you think its safe to do so.
My response ” The threat has been made by the power hungry opposition leader, who chances of become PM of this country has slipped from his grasps and is nothing more than an attention seeking statement from a  delusional individual at this time”.
Person #1  ” So are you suggesting its safe to come”
My Response ” Truth be told, the opposition is capable of doing just about anything under the guise of protecting our democracy, so they could indeed organize street protest. If that happens then it would not be a good idea to be here at that point in time”