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The Truth

On Thursday 11th of August the Engineering department was called for a meeting at 2pm with the Managing Director Mr. Shane Dalling.  When Mr. Dalling came to meet with the department he said to us that the management of CTL along with Supreme Venture and DBJ has decided to flight in a representative from United Tote to train staff along with staff from Supreme Venture who is named preferred bidder. This training would commence Friday 12th of August, therefore he will be need the engineering department to conduct his training.

When asked who are the staff that will be trained by this representative of United Tote the department was told by Mr. Dalling that he will be getting new technicians, computer room operators and electricians. The question was then asked why Supreme Venture would be training staff before the divestment process has completed, Mr. Dalling replied saying “I did not say Supreme Ventures”. Questions were further asked who are the new staffs that will be trained he replied again saying “I did not say new staff and what business is it to this department if he wants to train people”.

Mr. Dalling went on to say what CTL wants to do is none of staff business because this company is his. So he is finish with this conversation because it does not matter if we (engineering staff) like it or not the training must go on. It was then Staff became disgruntled and stopped working because of the level of disrespect and lies from the Managing Director along with the HR Tanya Wilson.  

At 7’o clock that evening security personnel’s came to the department saying “Mr. Dalling gave us directive to escort the staff of this department off the property. On Friday 12th of August, we started wondering if there was shooting at CTL because of the high security presence from the JDF, King Alarm and Mc Kay security. When try to access the building the Engineers were told they are locked out of the department and were ordered to stay out of the building by the high security presence. At about 9:30am the HRM Tanya Wilson came out to us to say “if you are at work you should go upstairs”. A number of staff made their way to the department passing through JDF personnel inside the building.

While inside the department conducting daily duties we were ordered to leave the building by our manager following the directive of Mr. Dalling. It was then Mr. Dalling started accusing the department of sabotaging the tote system and said he know who did it and what time it was done. Further to that United Tote was contacted overseas for assistance in the matter and told Mr. Dalling that the system was shut down properly and there was no signs of tampering hence the reason why Mr. Dalling and other members of the board has decided to carry in the Cyber Crime Unit.

There are accusation that the Engineering has strike to cancel racing but these accusations by Management of CTL is flawed Mr. Dalling a short man with a big ego believes it is his way or the by way he and Mr.  Walker the Chairman has taken it upon them to shut down racing until further notice but publish that it is because of the department.

Old times people have a lot of saying two of them are: ano everything gud fi eat gud talk and there is two sides to a story. You can choose who to believe because for some it’s very easy to believe the words of a man high in society than the average man, it is easy to believe the words of politicians that has nothing to lose than the words of staff who has everything to lose, who has suffered under the management of Polititians.

*forwarded by a concerned citizen*

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