Sep 1st

It’s 4:08am and insomnia is kicking my ass. #Abuse So, I decide to write this blog post, long overdue but timely.

In a few weeks, Jamaicans will know if Audley Shaw will officially campaign against Andrew Holness for the leader of the...

Aug 31st

Title: Fighting Dreams
1st Movement
Jeremy Soule – First Light

The first movement will start with men and they will open with what is meant to be a moving piece. I am not good at describing dances but essentially, they will be going to war. Imagine they just received letters stating their next mission and the movement explores their...

Aug 29th

Lift with Sydne Walcott

Aug 20th

dunno why the quality is so low. next time i will try and get better lighting.

Make this smoothie and never feel for a snack till it’s lunch time, or simply have it for dinner.

Aug 7th

The hot news recently has been about the decline in Minimalist Running.  Actually, let me more specific:  the decline in sales in minimalist running shoes.  The talk about mid-foot running, forefoot running, Chi Running has not abated.

Aug 6th

One of our rarely heard but insightful proverbs states
Wan finga can’t kill louse
This proverb challenge our sense of collaboration and cooperation.

Aug 5th

Drug testers swooped down on the Jamaica team hotel today to carry out doping tests on the entire Jamaica team as they finalise preparations for the 14th IAAF World Championships in Moscow which gets underway this weekend. All 44 members of the Jamaica team at the training camp were tested this morning including track and [...]

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