Got Meg?

My Elite Grocer (Meg for short) is an innovative Foodie’s blog, with a twist. It’s not promoting the where and what of delectable dining; this blog promotes a service that delivers your groceries and gifts straight to your door. Founder Gale Peart has parlayed a career in the 5-Star hospitality industry into a pioneering local grocery concierge service.

Meg is for individuals who are too busy, too forgetful, or plain can’t be bothered to get bogged down with the mundane task of shopping. So if you won’t or can’t, then Meg will do your shopping for you.

A self-professed Foodie, Gale can’t resist blogging about F&B. In MEGalicious Wednesdays, you’ll find entries “bigging up” the Jamaica Observer Food Awards, and Kingston’s latest hot spot – Tacks & Records sports bar; and Just4Fun shares recipes and other F&B tidbits. If you are truly a passionate Foodie, you can take up Gale’s invitation to be a guest blogger.